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Original Chip tin + Potato Sticks tin + Chocolaty Dipped Pretzels tin

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    Delight in the diverse flavors of our Charles Chips Bundle, a collection carefully crafted for the ultimate snacking experience. This bundle includes:

    1 Original Tin (16oz): Immerse yourself in the classic taste of our Original Chips, where each crunch is a reminder of why they've been a favorite for generations.

    1 Potato Sticks Tin (10oz): Experience the delightful crunch of our Potato Sticks, a snack that perfectly balances texture and taste, all within a stylish tin.

    1 Chocolaty Dipped Pretzels Tin (12oz): Indulge in the Decadence of Chocolaty Dipped Pretzels, a Perfect Harmony of Crunchy Pretzels and Rich Chocolate, Creating an Irresistible Taste Experience

    This bundle is not just a selection of snacks; it's a journey through the best of Charles Chips, offering something delightful for every palate. Ideal for sharing with loved ones or as a special treat for yourself, it brings the joy of snacking right to your doorstep