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Original Chip Tin + Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Tin

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     Charles Chips Deluxe Bundle: Simplified Elegance with Original Tin and Double Chocolate-Chip Cookie Tin

    Experience the perfect blend of tradition and indulgence with our Charles Chips Deluxe Bundle, thoughtfully crafted for the ultimate snacking experience. This exclusive set includes:

    1. Original Charles Chips Tin (16oz): Dive into the world of classic flavor with our iconic Original Charles Chips. Each crisp, golden chip offers a satisfying crunch and a beloved taste that has captivated generations. Savor the tradition and excellence in every bite, a testament to our enduring commitment to quality.

    2. Classic Charles Chips Double Chocolate-Chip Cookie Tin (Half-Pound): Explore the delightful world of our new Double Chocolate-Chip Cookies, elegantly presented in a half-pound tin. This tin houses approximately 10 to 12 expertly baked cookies, each brimming with rich chocolate chips and a classic, crunchy texture. These cookies are not just treats; they are a sublime fusion of traditional taste and luxurious indulgence.

    Both components of the Charles Chips Deluxe Bundle are encased in elegant and sustainable packaging. Our half-pound recyclable steel tins are designed for freshness and environmental responsibility. The stylish design of the packaging ensures the preservation of our products' exquisite taste while showcasing our dedication to the planet.

    Whether for a special celebration, a cozy night in, or a casual gathering, the Charles Chips Deluxe Bundle is the ideal companion. It's more than a collection of snacks; it's an expression of our passion for exceptional flavor and quality. Relish the timeless taste of Charles Chips with every tin, where every bite is a journey through a legacy of culinary excellence.