Remember when deliverymen would bring legendary Charles Chips® to your home or office? Since 1942, Charles Chips® has been delivering smiles. Years ago, when the distinctive gold and brown tin showed up at your front door there was no mistake...Charles Chips® had arrived. For over 75 years, people have been enjoying the taste of Charles Chips® products.

We put that same tradition in all Charles Chips® Brand products and they’re packed with the same great flavor you remember. So when you treat yourself to these traditional recipes, don’t be surprised if you suddenly feel as if you’ve stepped back in time. We guarantee your satisfaction. The people at Charles Chips® would never settle for less.


100% Cottonseed Oil

Made for you...since 1942.

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All my life I've wanted to be like my grandma, and today I took another small step in that direction. Today, I got my very own Charles Chips Can, just like hers.

But it's not just a can.

Grandma's Charles Chips can has been in the exact same spot in her pantry for longer than I've been alive. It's been there for pre-pool party lunches with my aunts and cousins, and for bedtime snacks while watching Full House with her and grandpa every night of my childhood. Like Grandma, that can has been a constant in my life, as well as a constant reminder that I had the absolute best childhood ever living at her house.

The can hasn't held actual Charles Chips in decades, but I swear the chips that grandma puts in there taste better than any other chip on earth. Growing up, we always thought the chips had to be so delicious because no one else had Charles Chips, and finding out grandma just dumped a bag of whatever was on sale at Kroger in the can taught me two things: 1. That outward appearances often can't be trusted, and 2. Everything, even store-bought potato chips, always tastes better at Grandma's.

I love you Grandma, and I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for me, been for me, and taught me.

You're all that, and a can of chips.

Brittany Akridge and her grandmother Jennie Aebersold

Louisville, KY